PVC SCH40 Pipes & Fittings (ASTM D2466)

PVC SCH40 PIPES AND FITTINGS WITH NSF.Optimizing high-quality raw materials provided by large domestic and foreign petrochemical companies.

Product Details

Product Description
System:   PVC pipe system
Scope:    PVC pipework is used for the conveyance of drinking water, waste water, chemicals, heating fluid and cooling fluids, foodstuffs, ultra-pure liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air and vacuum system applications.
Referenced Standards:  SCH40
Size:  20mm - 400mm

Specification:     The schedule refers to the pipe wall thickness. The higher the schedule, the thicker is the pipe wall. For example: 2-inch nominal size steel pipe: schedule 40 has a wall thickness of 0.154 inches and schedule 80 has a wall thickness of 0.218 inches.Schedule 40 conduit is suitable for underground use by direct burial or encasement in concrete.