Stainless Steel Foor Drains

The main functions of the stainless steel floor drain are drainage, sealing, deodorization, preventing combustible gas from entering the room, and preventing mosquitoes, etc.

Installation & Testing

①Find the slope and the level of the floor tiles

Find a good level and find a good slope (the slope of the tap water is very important to ensure that the water in each location in the bathroom can be naturally retained to the location of the floor drain). The floor tiles are pasted from the middle, pay attention to the butt of the floor on the wall, pave the road from the center to the south, and clean the inside of the floor drain pipe.

②Cut embedded floor tiles and locate the floor drain

Determine the exact installation location of the floor drain, cut three surrounding tiles according to the location of the floor drain, and guide the gap to the center of the floor drain.

③Cutting and installing floor tiles

After cutting the floor tiles, placing the board and determining the location of the floor drain, it is necessary to continue cutting the four floor tiles next to the floor drain. It is very important to measure the line.

④Floor drain installation

Take out the floor drain again, fix the periphery with cement, and then tightly connect it with the downpipe.