PVC Gutters And Fittings (BS EN607 EN12200 EN1462)

This series of fittings can match the standard BS EN607/EN12200/EN1462.No painting required, clean with a hose to keep the downspout looking its best.Maintenance-free, easy-to-clean design


After chlorination, the PVC resin increases the chemical stability, thereby improving the material's heat resistance, acid, alkali, salt, oxidant, etc. corrosion. The maximum service temperature of CPVC can reach 110 ℃, and the long-term service temperature is 95 ℃.

Long service life  

Electrical insulation

Good heat preservation

Good chemical resistance

Easy to operate

light in weight

Impact resistance

High flame retardant

Competitive advantages of ERA rain gutter products





Scale advantage

PVC rain gutter, currently produces 300   injection molding machines for rain gutter accessories and 2 trough   extruders.


Raw material advantage

First   of all, we use 100% original materials, all raw materials must be inspected   in accordance with relevant standards, and unqualified raw materials will be   rejected; at the same time, in addition to physical performance testing, all   raw materials need to be tested for weather resistance and other long-term   safety Evaluation to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly,   safe and reliable.


Process advantage

After   years of accumulated production, research and development experience, Yonggao has achieved the best production   process standards. The technical department will first carry out trial   production according to technical standards. Then when the first product is   inspected by the quality control department, the workshop production process   standards will be locked. Any adjustments need to be authorized. Workers have   no right to adjust the production process and time, which ensures the   stability of production.


Quality control advantage

The strict quality control process   includes first article inspection, process inspection, packaging inspection,   and finished product inspection.


Packaging advantages

1.We   have reasonable and meticulous packaging and packing to effectively protect   the products.   2.We   can pack and pallet neatly according to customers' requirements.   3.Equipped   with an effective automatic packaging machine to process large orders to   prevent delivery delays caused by labor shortages  


Certificate advantage

A total of 1 international   certification KITEMARK certification was obtained.


Technical advantages

A strong research team with two Ph.Ds   and 250 research members; the national technology center-Yonggao   Research Institute can provide strong technical support.


Service advantage

VIP service; 50-year warranty;   credit sales support; new product development; advertising support, etc.