PVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings (AS NZS1477)

All Pipe and Fittings are manufactured in compliance with AS/NZS 1477, the Australian and New Zealand standard for Pipe and Fittings.The Pipe is manufactured from 100% virgin Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride compound, no reworked material are used.




Production   scale

Have   manipulators, robots and other automation equipment, and sufficient capacity   to complete large orders at home and abroad.

Raw   material advantage

1.Select   high-quality raw materials provided by large domestic and foreign   petrochemical companies, and conduct various performance evaluations before   selecting models;

2.All   raw materials are inspected in the factory according to relevant standards,   and unqualified products will be returned;

3.All   raw materials meet long-term safety assessments such as weather resistance in   addition to physical property testing, so as to ensure that the products are   environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.

4. The independently developed PVC raw material formula has passed the   NSF certification test. Own formula has been certified and supported, stable   and reliable.

Process   advantage

After   years of accumulation of production and R&D experience, Yonggao has obtained the best process   standard for product production. The trial production has been confirmed by   the standard process of the technical department. After the first part of the   quality control department has passed the inspection, the workshop process   standard will be locked, and the injection molding machine process will be   adjusted. You need to swipe your card to enter, and production workers have   no right to modify the injection molding process and duration to ensure   stable production quality.

Quality   control advantage

The   company's quality control process mainly includes first article inspection,   process inspection, packaging inspection, and finished product inspection.   Through strict inspection and monitoring throughout the entire process from   trial production to finished products, we ensure that the quality of finished   products meets standards and meets customer requirements.

Packaging   advantages

1.The   packaging is reasonable and careful to effectively protect the product. The   copper pipe fittings are arranged separately in the packaging workshop to   ensure that the copper parts are not damaged.

2. It can be packed according to customer requirements and the pallets   are neat.

3.   The company is equipped with a highly efficient automatic packaging machine   to respond to daily orders for single products and prevent delayed delivery   caused by labor shortages.

4. Assembly line operation is more efficient.

Certificate advantage

Relying on a national technology center and a strong research team,   ERA has invested 1.5 million US dollars to obtain a total of 13 international   certifications. Different series of PVC products have obtained different   certifications for different markets.

Technical advantages

Yonggao   Research Institute can provide strong technical support.

service advantage

VIP service.

50-year warranty.

Credit sales support.

New product development.

Advertising support.