PVC Conduits And Fittings (AS NZS2053)

For indoor normal environment and in high temperature, dusty, vibrating and fire hazard locations. It can also be used in wet places. Do not use in locations that are particularly wet, acid, alkali, salt corrosive and explosive.






Scale advantage

Currently, 300 injection molding machines are produced for PVC   pressure fittings;


Raw material advantage

Select high-quality raw materials provided by large domestic and   foreign petrochemical companies such as Sinopec; PVC independent formula has   passed NSF certification; its own professional accessories factory   exclusively supplies ERA brand sealing accessories.


Process advantage

Years of experience in production and R&D have reached the best   process standards for product production; production in injection molding,   installation, and pressure testing is highly automated, which improves the   one-time pass rate and product feel.


Quality control advantage

The strict quality control process   includes first article inspection, process inspection, packaging inspection,   and finished product inspection.


Packaging advantages

Equipped with a highly efficient automatic packaging machine, which   can handle daily single product orders; packaging details can be tailored   according to customer requirements; for example: for the packaging process of   HOME DEPOT supermarket, from product label → inner box label → outer box   label → Customized standard pallets and developed a set of strict SOPs.


Certificate advantage

A total of 13 international certifications have been obtained, such   as Australia Standardmark, US NSF, UPC, Australia   WATERMARK, UK WRAS certification and KITEMARK certification.


Technical advantages

A strong research team with two Ph.Ds   and 250 research members; the national technology center-Yonggao   Research Institute can provide strong technical support.


Service advantage

VIP service; 50-year warranty;   credit sales support; new product development; advertising support, etc.