Honor Moment | Selected as one of the Top 50 Private Enterprises Contributing to Taizhou in 2023

In recent days, the first session of the Chinese New Year has been held successively, including the Taizhou City Optimizing Business Environment Conference and the Huangyan District Major Project Breakthrough Year Mobilization Conference. At the meeting, the list of the top 50 private enterprises in Taizhou and the top 20 private enterprises in Huangyan in 2023 was released, and it has been listed for more than ten consecutive years. Zhang Yichen, Vice Chairman of ERA Group, and Ji Xiong, General Manager of ERA Group, attended the above meeting and received commendations.

"Boost the spirit of dragon and horse, and create a momentum of leaping dragon and tiger!" As long as all enterprises seize the initiative and dare to think and act in this market competition, they can showcase their grand ambitions and ride the wind and waves in the innovative land of Taizhou.

If the water is deep, the fish will be happy. If the city is strong, the fish will be happy“
The flourishing of Taizhou's economy is inseparable from the flourishing development of private enterprises. The strategic layout of foresight before the BC, combined with local development strategies, has driven a group of local upstream and downstream enterprises to achieve leapfrog growth. By focusing on green development and intelligent manufacturing, we aim to boost the confidence and confidence of the manufacturing industry, become the vanguard of economic development, be a pioneer in industrial upgrading, and shine the "golden business card" of Taizhou manufacturing.

On the 40th anniversary of striving for entrepreneurship, in 2024, we stand at a new historical starting point and forge a grand blueprint for the next decade. We will implement the spirit of the conference, actively respond to the decisions and deployments at the city and district levels of Taizhou, forge ahead, and work hard to provide strength for consolidating the "three paths" and advancing the "three highs and three innovations".

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