Sprint Zero Complaints, Take Action Together | "Customer Complaints" Golden Idea Activity

Introduction to Preface

On the morning of November 8, 2023, at 9:00 am, the Quality Management Department organized

a special meeting on "Customer Complaints and Complaints in the Golden Point Activity". 

More than 20 people, including General Manager Zhu, General Manager Zhang, and General

 Manager Huang from relevant departments, workshop directors, and department heads, attended the meeting.

01 Data analysis

Report by the Quality Control Manager

The Quality Management Department Manager shared the golden ideas activity

 and the abnormal market quality situation in the third quarter through PPT content, 

combined with customer feedback to sort out and summarize the abnormal problem points,

 and analyzed the problem points. The relevant responsible departments

 provided corresponding corrective measures. At the meeting, 

the teacher manager read out the notice from the headquarters on conducting

 a collection of "golden ideas" for customer complaints and grievances, 

mobilizing various departments and workshops to propose improvements to

 eliminate them, and using OPL education for training to thoroughly solve customer complaints.

Mr. Huang has put forward four requirements for each department:

 1. Quality data analysis and collection;

 2. Quality issues are shared with relevant departments on a weekly and monthly basis; 

3. Establish a customer complaint ledger; 

4. Integrate annual customer complaint anomalies with 

relevant departments and workshops to establish control objectives.

Mr. Zhu has put forward the following requirements for each department: 

1. Benchmark the data and find the reasons; 

2. Quality control provides guidance to the workshop on corresponding quality issues,

 and the work needs to be meticulous and practical;

3. Dig deep into customer complaints and grievances, identify patterns 

and provide corresponding solutions based on feedback on the construction site;

 4. Ensuring product quality is not a departmental task,

 but closely related to various departments of the company; 

5. Each department and workshop actively participates

 in the headquarters customer complaint "golden idea" improvement activity.

02 Event promotion

PAPT 01 Promotion and poster production

According to the headquarters' golden idea activity plan, Anhui ERA will once again

 use the form of "golden idea posters" to promote the activities of various workshop teams.

PAPT 02 Promotion and event promotion

Each workshop is promoted on-site by the workshop director to the three teams based on the reasons 

and objectives of the activity, and the existing customer complaints 

and complaints in the workshop are thoroughly sorted out.

 Lean tools such as fishbone analysis and 5W2H are used to dig 

and refine the problems, and collective efforts are made to solve quality

 problems related to customer complaints and complaints. Problems that

 cannot be temporarily solved will be included in the workshop, 

team QCC topic library, or problem bank.

03 Follow up inspection

According to the headquarters' plan for the Golden Ideas event and

 in conjunction with the company level Friday inspection, 

Anhui Province held a quality inspection for the Golden Ideas event 

on the morning of November 24th. We specially invited the 

Quality Control Department to conduct a joint inspection. 

The inspection team asked the workshop director one by one 

whether they had made any improvements based on the detailed 

customer complaints in the past two years in the workshop;

 Conduct an on-site review of the proposed improvements to customer

 complaints and complaints, and inquire about the effectiveness of the proposed 

measures and whether they can prevent the recurrence of similar issues. 

Then conduct actual inspection and measurement of customer complaints

 regarding appearance and size. Communicate with the workshop director in

 a timely manner regarding any issues discovered, and require the workshop

 to rectify them in a timely manner. At the same time, the quality control and lean related

 departments will continue to follow up on the effectiveness of the rectification in the later stage.

On the afternoon of November 14, 2023, the Lean Office organized 

personnel to conduct a customer complaint review activity in the workshop.

 In the end, Mr. Shi summarized and commented that:

 1. We attach great importance to the group's "customer complaint" activity, 

sort out the customer complaint issues in our workshop, 

and carry out special rectification.

 2. Maintaining the results of major battles means relatively

 reducing customer complaints and grievances. 

3. The workshop office and team leaders establish a daily 

inspection mechanism to better detect and solve problems in advance. 

4. Before starting up, do a good job of inspection and implement 

quality work into details, so as to truly reduce customer complaints.

 5. The "big and difficult" problem points need to be solved with

 innovative thinking, which can be solved through other companies or the internet.

 6. If there are problems during the production process,

 they should be resolved in a timely manner. After normal operation,

 they should communicate with the quality department in a timely

 manner to determine the quality of the product.

04 Case sharing

Complaints · Customer Complaints

In response to the complaint, take the following measures and make improvements:

1. Conduct quality assessment on the responsible person;

2. Provide quality awareness training to all workshop staff in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Department;

3. Establish and effectively implement packaging systems;

4. Conduct quality inspections on the first piece, process, and final product during production;

5. Analyze and promote customer complaints and grievances.

Improvement · Customer Complaints and Complaints

By sorting out and summarizing the issues of customer complaints and complaints, 

we can improve the awareness of workshop quality, drive the passionate

 participation of service departments, change inherent thinking, eliminate

 quality hazards in the workshop, and better understand customer needs.

05 Summary and sharing

To strengthen quality control, establish a sense of quality among all staff, 

pay attention to key details, and enhance the atmosphere of the group's

 "customer complaint" golden idea activity. On the afternoon of 

December 22, 2023, the Lean Office organized workshop directors

 to share and summarize the customer complaint activity.

Finally, Mr. Shi summarized the customer complaint

 activity by understanding the customer's needs for the product.

 As customers demand higher product quality, workshops should change 

their conversion management methods; Secondly, quality is an eternal topic. 

To firmly establish a foothold in the pipeline industry market, prevent quality 

problems from flowing out, and strengthen the self inspection process system;

 The third is to vigorously enhance the quality atmosphere and adhere to the

 principle of "looking back at the big battle". Establishing standardization is

 the ultimate goal, enhancing human thinking, truly achieving "I want to do it", 

sprinting for zero complaints, and taking action together.

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