Honor Coronation | ERA Selected for the Fifth Batch of Industrial Product Green Design Demonstration Enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of the fifth batch of industrial product green design demonstration enterprises. As the only pipe industry enterprise, ERA Group was successfully selected.

As one of the leading enterprises in the pipeline industry, ERA has always adhered to the development concept of "green development, harmonious coexistence", achieving a full green life cycle of "green research and development, green manufacturing, green products, green operations, and green services" from the source to the end, continuously promoting clean production, reducing energy consumption, and making building a first-class green and low-carbon enterprise a strategic goal.

"The 'green business card' of a demonstration enterprise is an recognition of our company's implementation of the concept of green development. In the future, we will continue to strengthen the innovation, development, design, and management of green products, continuously improve the supply capacity and market influence of green products, and contribute to the green and low-carbon transformation and sustainable socio-economic development," said Lu Zhenyu, Chairman of ERA Co., Ltd.

Green innovation and energy regeneration
ERA actively promotes the integration of photovoltaic building projects and increases the proportion of renewable energy usage. The company utilizes a solar panel installation area of 92000 square meters on the roof of its factory building, and achieved a power generation of 7.753 million kilowatt hours in 2020.

Implementing "dual carbon" and prioritizing water conservation, the company has built a large-scale rainwater recovery system in the Shuangpu plant area, relying on modern collection, filtration, purification and other means to recycle rainwater for production cooling, daily water use, and green irrigation; Smart production, empowered by technology, the company actively eliminates outdated and high-energy consuming equipment, abandons extensive and outdated production capacity, and vigorously transforms into a digital and intelligent production mode. Compared with peers in the industry, energy consumption has decreased by 10%, and has been awarded honors such as National Green Factory, Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development's Two Star Green Building, and Zhejiang Province Water saving Enterprise.

The selection of "Industrial Product Green Design Demonstration Enterprises" aims to select a group of green design demonstration enterprises with a good foundation in green design, strong innovative design capabilities, high level of green product manufacturing, and significant brand and market influence. This listing is an important manifestation of ERA's exemplary and leading role in green design innovation, and also affirms the outstanding achievements made by ERA in the fields of green product design and development, green product manufacturing technology improvement, product lifecycle management, supply chain management, inspection, testing and certification, energy conservation, pollution reduction, and carbon reduction integrated applications over the years.

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