ERA's 40th Anniversary Light and Shadow Exhibition

On the afternoon of December 7th, the opening ceremony for ERA Group's 40th anniversary light and shadow exhibition was held at the headquarters building of ERA Co., Ltd. Mr. Lu Zhenyu, the chairman of ERA Co., Ltd., announced the opening and unveiled the exhibition with the senior management team.


At the ceremony, Mr. Ji Xiong, the general manager of ERA Co., Ltd., delivered a speech for the opening of the light and shadow exhibition. He expressed that as we are about to celebrate the second ERA Dream Day, celebrating and commemorating the 40th anniversary of ERA Group's entrepreneurship in a simple yet solemn manner through the light and shadow exhibition is timely and significant. Recalling the past and striving for the future is a sense of "ceremony," and he hoped that all members of the ERA family would continue to hold high hopes and aspirations for the future and courageously move forward in the journey of the ERA cause.


The geographical signs of ERA were unveiled at the ceremony. The 10 geographical signs come from countries and provinces where ERA has global bases, combining local landmarks with elements of ERA, showcasing the development trajectory of ERA starting from Zhejiang, based in China, spread throughout the world.


Mr. Liu Yishao, the director of the marketing center of ERA Co., Ltd., introduced the preparations for the 40th anniversary light and shadow exhibition to the guests present at the ceremony. This light and shadow exhibition took nearly three months to prepare and is themed "Beautiful Symbiosis," consisting of five theme exhibition halls: "Time Imprints," "Wisdom Growth," "Infinite Possibilities," "Love and Longevity," and "Global Sharing." Through historical photographs and physical objects, it showcases ERA Group's rapid development and outstanding achievements over the past 40 years of entrepreneurship, encouraging, sharing emotions with, and moving forward together with every member of the ERA family who has worked hard for the cause.


Real photographs touched and moved those who stopped to view them. Precious images awakened warm memories deep within the hearts of ERA people - memories of affection and ups and downs; perseverance in overcoming difficulties and moments of clarity; ordinary yet great strugglers' footprints and faces that are both respectable and admirable... The light and shadow exhibition is like a spiritual work of ERA, guiding, illuminating, and inspiring us in the world of light and shadow towards a new journey.


Senior management team members, center leaders, and representatives of long-serving employees attended the opening ceremony and visited the light and shadow exhibition afterward.

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