New breakthroughs, new challenges, we are always moving forward!

With the influx of production orders, Workshop No. 8 received an order of 630*1.0MPa. After 6 days of preparation, it started production on February 9. Although the production order was completed this time, the ovality of the pipe was too large, and the sealing was only Can be completed with tooling. In order to better control product quality, the workshop office held a discussion meeting to analyze the reasons. In order to solve the quality problem as soon as possible, reach a consensus with the equipment manufacturer to improve the cooling problem of the calibrating sleeve.

There are always more solutions than difficulties.the trial run was successful after ten days. Various departments and teams made suggestions and tirelessly adjusted and measured the technical process repeatedly. It is precisely because of the unity and cooperation of family members that this problem can be successfully solved.
In mid-February 2023, with the full cooperation of relevant departments, the white inner wall double-wall corrugated pipe of the first workshop and the white power cable pipe of the tenth workshop were successfully tested for the first time.

DB-BWFRP white power cable tube of workshop ten
Workshop 1 300SN8 Jingjie/Yuanyuan brand white double-wall corrugated pipe with inner wall
Ten workshop - white power cable tube, the first φ250 DB-BWFRP power cable tube was successfully rolled off at 3:00 pm on February 17;
Workshop 1—white double-wall corrugated pipe with inner wall, the first 300SN8 white inner double-wall corrugated pipe of Jingjie brand was successfully started at 10:08 am on February 20, and the 300SN8 white inner wall of Yuanyuan brand was started at 13:20 on February 20 success!

  The hard work paid off, and it has been continuously and stably produced, adding two new members to the double-wall corrugated pipe project and power cable pipeline project market for Anhui and even the group company.

The production department convened the fourth, sixth, seventh and metalworking workshops, technology department, quality control department and other department heads to the ninth workshop to discuss and solve the inspection well supply of the rainwater and sewage diversion project in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. goods related issues. At present, the project has a series of problems such as many types of inspection wells, complicated procedures, tight construction schedules, and lack of personnel, which are not conducive to timely production and supply.
    At the site of Workshop No. 9, Mr. Shi, the leader of the General Manager’s Office, held a discussion meeting on the optimization and adjustment of the assembly process according to the current tense sales situation. The division of labor was clarified. Each department performed its duties and fulfilled its responsibilities. The supply of short pipes for wells; the saddle joint accessories in the sixth workshop must be fully prepared, and the online products can be sent directly to the ninth workshop for final assembly without assembly; the metalworking workshop should complete the tooling as soon as possible to improve the work efficiency of short pipe cutting; the ninth workshop should be well-mannered Division of labor, appointment of people and posts, and process-based operation; the quality control department does a good job in the inspection and supervision of the final product to prevent defective products from flowing to customers; the technical department is responsible for assisting the ninth workshop to do product tracking, evaluation and adjustment work; the production department and other The workshop does a good job in ensuring the supply of personnel, and is ready to send additional personnel to the No. 9 Workshop anytime and anywhere.
All difficulties must be overcome, and we must go all out to ensure supply! I believe that under the leadership of the company's leaders and the concerted efforts of all fraternal departments, we will seize the opportunity and meet new challenges and new breakthroughs in 2023!

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