Let Dreams Sail Away, Improvise Speech, Strengthen Military Training

Impromptu speech is a spoken style that realizes on-the-spot speech without any preparation in a specific situation.Don't despise small-scale impromptu speeches, it is a good opportunity to practice the wonderful tongue of flowers.If a speech in public is a battle of a large army, an impromptu speech is a battlefield light cavalry. It is strong and flexible, so it should not be ignored. Just like before a war, you must be a fierce soldier, even if you speak for three or five minutes, you must be very carefully prepared.

Mr. Shi held a sharing session on impromptu speeches for the students of the Lean talent training camp.Mr. Shi personally gave the questions at the sharing session. Each student drew questions in turn and gave a speech. The time was 3 minutes.After the end, Mr. Shi commented one by one, demonstrated in person on several topics, and gave valuable opinions to the students.

In his final summary, Mr. Shi proposed:
1. Impromptu speeches must not only be conceived quickly, but also pay attention to overcoming tension.
2. Establish a center and clarify your own views and attitudes.
3. Start from the actual situation and find an entry point for the speech.After clarifying the center and point of view, it is best to give examples to illustrate the problem and enhance persuasion.
4. There must be a wonderful beginning and end. It is best to start cleanly, get straight to the point, and go directly to the topic. At the end, the main content of the speech should be strengthened and the center should be pointed out.
5. All students should understand their own shortcomings, continue to learn, summarize, and improve themselves.
6. Students are required to not only do but also speak about lean production, so as to become the company's lean management talents and lean instructors as soon as possible.

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