Focus on the pipeline market under the tide of the times

Mr. Gao : Special allowance expert of the State Council, National Technical Committee for Standardization of Plastic Products, National Technical Committee for Standardization of Urban Water Accumulation and Drainage.

It is the guidance of the times, clinging to the research of pipelines, and the constant cultivation of the industry.

And Mr. Gao , Chief Engineer of Science and Technology and Industrial Development Center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development,Discuss with us the general situation of the market in the post-epidemic era.

Especially in the environment of uncertain economy and uninterrupted epidemic situation.

Infrastructure construction is closely related to the national economy.Urbanization during the tenth five-year plan period. Demand for plastic pipes is expected to increase by 5% year on year.The production space is huge.

"Sponge City", like a sponge, breathes out its breath, cracking "every rain will be waterlogged, and a rain will make a sea".A.D. professional intelligent pipe network system, automatically sensing water level,Realize 24-hour monitoring, management and maintenance.

Trenchless construction technology, using geotechnical guidance and directional drilling.Laying new pipelines, updating and maintaining existing pipelines.Perfect match for pipeline leakage in the old city

Facing the enormous challenges faced by the manufacturing industry ERA is aimed at market and industry pain points.Has rich experience in the field of plastic pipes.Carry the user's needs, update and optimize in real time based on reality.

Originated from the innovation and specialty of craft.The direction is gradually clear and the steps are gradually firm.In subdividing the track, build a macro world that belongs exclusively to AD.

The market demand for municipal pipelines is strong.

Manufacturing industry does not show signs of decline.

ERA seizes every moment.

Deduce a brand-new future.

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