Green Water And Green Mountains, There Is ERA

Since the launch of the "Five Waters Co-governance" in Zhejiang, Yonggao Co., Ltd. has actively participated in and served the "Five Waters Co-governance" project. According to incomplete statistics, in the “Five Waters Governance” project in 89 counties and municipalities in the province, the ERA has participated in services and supported 75 counties and municipalities, and used high-quality ERA pipelines to provide Zhejiang’s beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful villages, and beautiful towns. Make a solemn and lasting promise of the century: "Management" uses ERA. Dream is in "Zhe".

After participating in the painting of the beautiful Zhejiang picture, ERA has frequently appeared in water control projects across the country: zero direct sewage discharge, rain and sewage pipeline network transformation, comprehensive river management, comprehensive rural environmental management, and other domestic water management projects that are closely related to us. All have the figure of ERA.


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