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PPH Thread Fittings (IRAM 13478)

PPH is stronger and stiffer and more widely used. With the combination of excellent chemical resistance and the ability to be joined and welded by heat fusion makes this an ideal plastic for chemical tanks and structures in corrosive environments.

Product Details

PP - Homopolymer is produced by a continuous chain of polypropylene units which results in a high stiffness material.This system is Intended for pressure applications where the operating temperature will not exceed  95 ℃.


Color: reddish brown

Keyword:PPR Thread Fitting
Standards:IRAM 13478
Certificate:Upc, NSF


These pipes are widely used in various industrial purposes like Water purification plants, Industrial washing lines, Nuclear research centers, Transport of hot acids alkalis, Semi Conductor industry and many more.

Suction & exhaust pipelines

Lined Pipings (Mild Steel + PP), (FRP +PP)

Water, effluent transport


The inner surface of these pipes is very smooth that helps these pipes to get clean efficiently without any deposits.

Excellent Fusion Capabilities: Ease of installation

Low density, Low weight: Ease of transportation

Homogenous structure: Aesthetically superior

System:     PPH Pressure Pipe and Fitting System

Suitable for underground pipes through adjustment to local ground movement

polypropylene homopolymer piping system

Piping system of lower pressure loss

Piping system of Extreme chemical resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and less frictional resistance