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CPVC DIN Pipes & Fittings

DIN STANDARD System:Characterized by unique thermal, physical and mechanical properties CPVC is desirable for piping applications which require high temperature rating, high impact resistance and fire resistance.

Product Details

Color:lvory color
Keyword:CPVC Pressure Fitting
Connections:Socket or Thread

Operating Temperature:  0°C - 80°C (32°F - 176°F)

Specification: CPVC pipe and fittings shall conform to DIN 8079. Pipe and fittings shall be manufactured to the nominal dimension cited in the applicable ASTM standard, and shall be made by one manufacturer. Fittings shall be injection molded.

Manufactured to various international ASTM / DIN standards our high pressure CPVC pipes and fittings are widely used in many fileds.

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) has proven to be an excellent material for hot corrosive liquids, hot and cold water distribution, and similar applications above the temperature range of PVC. CPVC will not rust, pit, scale or corrode. CPVC fittings are easy to install and are joined by solvent cementing or threading. Because of its longstanding reputation for innovation and precision in design and manufacturing, ERA is the preferred brand in the industry.