Start again on Dream Day and open a new chapter of dreams

 Dreams are never nothingness.

lt gradually becomes concrete with the passage of time.

why do we set off?
What kind of ourselves do we want to be?Time flies at your fingertips.
Trance dream, already half a life.

"ERA Dream Day"
we break through for our dreams.

December 8th, 2011A loud and distant bell.
Give this ordinary day a different meaning.on that day, the shares of ERA went public.

Crossing the road of dreaming in 40 ERAWe refine our upward strength.
From then on, keep on starting and never stop.

on the 8th, a new bugle was sounded.
New version of the group promotional film, released.draw a new dream in ERA.
ERA 2023 Dream Board, Showlet's meet at the ERA Theatre.Hold a "dream conference"
we conceive, design and build.ln every corner of this factory.Arrange "dream"

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