Meet difficulties and strive for perfection

Since August, all production workshops in Shuangpu Plant have made corrections to the distribution cabinet lines successively according to the overall plan.
In order to check the rectification effect and progress, the Lean Department of Shuangpu organized the factory department and the Lean Department of the headquarters to go to the site to confirm the improvement effect. This acceptance started from two parts: "plan completion rate" and "improvement compliance rate".

After on-site confirmation, 96 extrusion equipment and 272 injection molding equipment were completed, with a completion rate of 82%. Due to the production plan, part of the equipment can not be shut down temporarily. After the equipment is shut down, rectification shall be carried out in the first time. At the same time, for the completed rectification of the machine, the factory ministry requires the workshop to do a good job of maintenance management, confirm the cleaning standards and responsible persons, the workshop supervisor to do a good job of regular inspection matters, to ensure that the improvement effect is maintained.
In September, under the leadership of Director Hayashi Tai-hei, the Dai-xi Factory began to make great efforts to rectify and improve the plant from three aspects, including prevention of three leaks and four leaks. With the joint efforts of all workshops and departments, the "four leakage" phenomenon of the factory has been improved: 42 air leakage points were found in the extrusion workshop B1, 40 were rectified, and 1 water leakage point was rectified. In the injection molding workshop, 15 oil leaks were found, 12 were rectified, and 3 problems were under continuous rectification. In October, all workshops will continue to maintain and spot check the work of "three prevention and four leakage".
In the course of daily production, equipment maintenance is indispensable, so at the end of September, each machine is maintained according to the actual situation in the various workshops in the chariot.
The maintenance is divided into two modules. The first is the daily maintenance of the machine, including the cleaning of the components of the machine, the maintenance and inspection of the surrounding wire plugs, the application of lubricants in each active part, the inspection of whether the oil pressure of the oil tank is normal and whether there is oil leakage. Secondly, regular inspection and precision inspection of the machine, such as checking whether the wiring of electrical components falls off, whether the hydraulic oil is polluted, cleaning or replacing the oil screen in the tank, checking the level of the machine, whether the force of the pad is uniform and so on.

The follow-up equipment maintenance work in the workshop will continue to lay a solid foundation for the company's product production.
In September, the mutual inspection system of product appearance between teams in gas injection molding workshop was implemented. The operator shall inspect the appearance of the products of the previous shift 15 minutes before the shift shift, and find the quality problems of the products that need to be reworked or scrapped. The operator shall fill in the Mutual Inspection Form of the shift team leader for confirmation, and the production staff shall repair the products accordingly. The workshop collects the records of mutual inspection every day and publishes the results of mutual inspection every week. In September, the auditor of the injection molding workshop of the Planning Department took back 82 copies of the Mutual Inspection List of teams and teams and found 117 defective products, which were repaired or scrapped on the spot. To a large extent, the defective products were kept in the injection molding workshop for processing.
On the afternoon of September 8th, the Lean Office organized the Lean Innovation regular meeting of August and the internal target point inspection meeting of production (including the point inspection meeting of four down and one up). Meanwhile, the heads of all workshops and relevant departments reported the lean work content of August in detail.
Finally, Mr. Shi put forward important requirements for this Lean meeting:
One is accurate data, find management skills. Learn to extract and analyze data, from surface to line to point, broaden management thinking, good at summing up experience in activities.
Second, we will strictly control the rejection rate. Strict control, strong benchmarking, fine management, improve the start-up level, reduce start-up waste.
The third is the preliminary preparation for the trench battle. Workshop leaders learn to leverage and participate deeply.
Fourth, the quality season activities are coming to an end. With the help of the "Quality season", summarize the achievements of the "quality season" activities, focus on the advantages, improve the management level and improve the team quality.
Five is the point check lean teacher assigned homework. Carefully and timely complete the homework assigned by the teacher, reasonably develop the benchmark number of boot waste, the value should be reasonable.
The sixth is to carry out various activities, so that more people can deeply practice, truly immerse themselves in the activities, and realize its significance and value.
Chongqing AD held the QCC project concluding report meeting in the first half of 2022 on September 13. There were 8 projects reported this time, including 2 cost saving projects and 6 quality improvement projects.

The project leader promoted and shared the two projects of the department respectively, from the topic selection to the establishment of standardization, elaborated the key improvement cases and the sharing of project operation results. Through this concluding report, leaders give work guidance and suggestions for QCC project operation:
1. The key cause analysis of each workshop subject should be accurate and in place, and the implementation should be carried out as planned;
2. Personnel change factors are large in the work, so personnel factors should be accurately controlled and pain points for personnel promotion should be found. For example, in personnel training, demand-oriented training and training effect tracking should be strengthened;
3. Each workshop director should establish data thinking. In the early stage of the work, the data should be sorted out accurately, so that the follow-up work can be implemented more accurately and the improvement can be carried out accurately;
4. All workshops should strengthen management measures. In the second half year, both the technical department and the quality management Department are involved in the QCC project.
In the afternoon of September 27th, Shenzhen AD organized QCC project summary and discussion according to the headquarters "QCC project Evaluation work".

Since the second half of 2021, the price of PVC raw and auxiliary materials has skyrocketed for a long time, and the company is facing great challenges in operation. Combining with the general policy of cost reduction of the Group, reducing production costs and improving economic benefits has become the key work this year. Therefore, we decided to optimize and develop the formula of PVC electrical pipe again, and its main principle is to reduce the cost but not the quality, and even improve the product quality. Therefore, this year's confirmed project is: uphold innovative thinking, achieve quality and cost reduction. After more than half a year of practice and application, the effect is obvious. By September, the project has reduced the cost of 1.27 million yuan this year.
On October 12, guangdong AD held a workshop in September monthly meeting, the meeting of three streamline index data to check, for not standard index analysis, check reason, to find countermeasures, power consumption falls below a new plant relocation after equipment installation and debugging power consumption in the process of the relocation and new and old workshop power system requires both sides at the same time open, In addition to objective factors, the poor control of the startup process is also the reason for the increase of power consumption and waste. In terms of yield, the commissioning of raw materials such as water pipes, bellows and hollow walls also reached ten tons of waste products. The control of labor hours is slightly less than that of last month.
At the meeting, the workshops summarized the QCC project development, the highlights and shortcomings of the work, and the work plan for the next month. At the same time, the "three prevention and four leakage" activities carried out in August and September were summarized. This activity not only improved the site environment, reduced waste and eliminated safety risks, but also greatly improved the ideological consciousness of all employees. "Three prevention and four leakage" is not the end, but just the beginning.
On the afternoon of September 8, Tianjin AD held the August three reduction summary meeting. Mr. Han Li, Lean Section Chief, production backbone and other members attended the meeting; At the meeting, the three reduction data were reported, and the workshops carried out in-depth analysis.
1. Conduct special analysis by project category and review the achievement of existing special projects;
2. Due to the decrease in production capacity, some data of the four declines and one increase approach the critical value. Special analysis was carried out to formulate work measures in September;
3. All workshops continue to implement the rectification activities of "Three prevention and four leakage" organized by the Lean Innovation Department of the headquarters, output standardized improvement cases and copy and promote them on site.
4. Continue to carry out technical personnel skills competition assessment, improve work efficiency, improve production stability, reduce waste, and ensure the completion of the cost reduction target;
5. Follow up the existing production matters to be followed up, and reasonably arrange the production arrangement during this month's holiday.

On October 7, in the afternoon, hunan 2022 annual QCC project published appraisal meeting 3 floor conference room in the company, the production, the production manager Xia Liping cheng-rong wang ling-fei, finance manager and sales manager assistant Stanford, deputy director of the office director Li Xiaoyan, Lu Xiaofeng QCC assessment team members and departments such as team leader to attend the meeting, The meeting was hosted by the Production Lean Section.
At the meeting, leaders of the QCC team of each department took turns to report the QCC project of the department, and made a comprehensive summary of the various stages of the topic promotion, such as theme selection, phenomenon grasp, cause analysis, goal setting, countermeasure formulation, countermeasure implementation, result analysis, standardization and post-management. Members of the assessment team will score the project on the spot according to the report content, and the staff of the elite Division will make on-the-spot statistics and publish the scores. Finally, excellent projects will be selected and submitted to the headquarters.

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