Big release! ERA won the title of 2020-2021 strategic supplier of Tianjin Kaiwu Company
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Big release! ERA won the title of 2020-2021 strategic supplier of Tianjin Kaiwu Company

Recently, Tianjin Kaiwu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. released the 2020-2021 strategic-level and A-level suppliers list! A total of 25 companies were elected. Among them, ERA Shares (then named Yonggao Shares) was successfully awarded the title of 2020-2021 Strategic Supplier by virtue of its strong industry influence and long-term strategic partnership with Kaiwu.


 As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Metallurgical Tiangong Group Co., Ltd., Kaiwu Company has strong financial strength, a good credit system and a professional talent team, and strives to build an intelligent, information-based and technological supply chain system, in order to achieve The strategic goal of leapfrog development of the integration of central enterprises and local economies provides strong support. In the evaluation and rating of suppliers, Kaiwu has always adhered to the principles of high standards, multi-dimensional and strict requirements, and implemented fairness, justice, sunshine and transparency!


As a leading enterprise in the pipeline industry, ADBC has always practiced the values of "internal sincerity in the heart and external trust in people" since its establishment, regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, imprints its ingenuity into the soul of the enterprise, and continuously upgrades and iterates its products. Types and manufacturing processes, continue to pay attention to the invisible problems of the project, strengthen the risk closure mechanism, and create high-quality projects with wisdom and strength.


The acquisition of this honor is a testimony of the two parties' "cohesion and joint efforts for the future", and also Tianjin Kaiwu Company's recognition of ERA's past achievements and a spur for future development. ERA will further carry forward the corporate mission of "adulting people to achieve their goals", continue to improve the comprehensive strength of the company, and lead the industry to flourish and develop healthily with better performance.


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